Jewellery Design Services

My services are tailored around each client’s needs and requirements. The aim always, to provide a creative experience that delivers a uniquely personal item of fine jewellery.

In today’s always-on, plugged-in and mass-produced society, the opportunity for the handmade, the craft, the storytelling, the emotional attachment and the unique idea associated with creating luxury pieces is more than ever valuable and precious.

British design and craftsmanship is valued worldwide, I work exclusively with the finest merchants providing ethically sourced stones, the finest metals and associated craft services. All of my work is exclusivley made in the UK and
verified by The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office in London.

A Creative Experience

My training and subsequent career as a Fine Artist is the grounding in all of my designs. I am able to bring a unique knowledge to bear on all of my creative projects, interpreting my client’s passions in to intensely personal, jewelled and sparkly expressions of self.

Creative processes often sound difficult and time consuming; barriers as opposed to the fun experience of discovery it should be!

I tailor the creative process to fit alongside each client, it’s important for me to engage at the right level, mindful of time constraints, but designed to unlock the essence of the idea.

The process is simple. It’s a three-stage process and is quality checked at every step:

The Creative Kick-Start

I like to hold these sessions at an inspirational venue related to the client’s idea, maybe a gallery or museum followed by champagne at a members club. It’s hard sometimes to communicate ideas; my kick-start sessions enable me to form the creative brief for the piece.

Design Exploration

Working from the brief I conduct an initial design exploration, presenting mood boards and design reference to agree design direction. Once a direction is agreed I will progress to detail the project, producing design drawings, stone and metal specifications.


The piece of jewellery is commissioned and brought to life; metal work, stone-setting, Assay office approval and polishing all take place before the piece is finally delivered to the client in luxury packaging that includes a personalised book chronicling the story of the creation – the brief and all drawings accompany the piece adding another unique personal element to the service.

Working together with Aishleen on a concept was a brilliant experience as we co-created the idea, the design and the finish together, her giving strong recommendations based on her skill and expertise whilst also listening to my ideas. My wife is delighted with the end result, a totally unique piece that reflects our first moments falling in love.
— Client